Mrs. Nisha Shah

Message From Director

The nomenclature of education has been changing rapidly since last 7 decades, even though the main focus of education is to produce useful, intelligent, patriotic, emotionally integrated, morally strong, cultured, scientifically tempered and healthy young men and women. We used to rub our eyes in disbelief over certain technological developments, like computers, science labs, language labs and smart boards but now all these things have faded into lore. Not that these are not useful, but so many new things are being incorporated. The seeds of this school were implanted with the purpose of nurturing a generation who has the potential to strike a proper balance between the spiritual and physical potentialities. In the race of 95% and 100%, it seems, education has lost its sheen and students have become victims of depression and angst. Now here comes the role of the teachers to counsel the students and send a word across that those who score less are not underdogs. Now the employment scenario has changed because there are plethora of opportunities. The students have to explore and expand their horizon and move with the times. Here at SIPS we believe if one is guided simply by emotions, one’s vision is bound to be distorted. Similarly, if one goes by reason alone then one would be an animated phantom and robot. We mould individuals with moral strength, mental presence, self-discipline, fortitude, and reputation. In short, the aim and objective of education at Shah International is a proper integration and harmony between feeling, thinking and doing.