About Manager

About the chairman

In the working of the school, the chairman, Mr. S.K. Shah is putting his heart and soul together to bring excellence in academics as well as extra curricular activities and the school’s achievements bear eloquent testimony to the unfaltering efforts made by him.

In fact, he has a passion for educating and bringing out the best in the students. His concupiscence towards his vocation borders on ecstasy, which is manifested in the enviable reputation the school has earned in academics as well as co-curricular activities in a brief period. His inexorable fervor for education prompted him to shoulder the onerous task of bringing up an educational institution that is known for its excellence. This requires hard work, sincerity of efforts and determination. Despite his preoccupations, Mr. Shah keeps the flames of his literary passion blazing. Though a man of few words, he is a prolific writer and has two books to his credit- INSIGHT-I and INSIGHT-II. His insatiable thirst for acquiring and imparting knowledge knows no boundaries. The excellence that the school has attained today in academics as well as co-curricular activities emanates from his persistence to make the school excel in every sphere. Manager Manager