About the School

Shah International is a co-educational English medium school dedicated to the cause of progressive learning leading to augmentation of the analytical faculties of the fledglping minds, dilating their vision in every sphere of life, be it studies, sports, cultural or co-curricular activities.

The aesthetic and ethnic look and surroundings of the edifice makes not only the students but also the parents fall in love with the school. The well-ventilated classrooms are `Rooms with a view’. Not only that, all the rooms are independent of the other and the comforts and needs of the students are taken care of well. Abundant precautions are taken to ensure that students escape the scorching heat and humidity. Needless to mention, the hygiene weighs uppermost in our minds. Nothing is left to imagination.

Bringing up students to an excellent academic level is not a big achievement by itself, if the parents have a sound educational background and an inclination to see their children come up as merit holders, but bringing up the below average students with poor parental educational background to a respectable class level is what imparting education is all about. We take it as a challenge to bring up below average students at par with the sharp minds. No wonder II and III Divisions are alien to Shah International.