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Educational Methodology

Education today is not a cakewalk, neither for the students nor for the teachers. Cornucopia of streams available with oodles of institutions which includes curry institutions leave the students bewildered; coupled with this is the peer pressure. All this put together puts a student in a quandary who finds himself on the crossroads of wilderness.

The right kind of guidance and counseling at school level insulates student from incursion of unwanted and obfuscating demeanor. The pattern of education does not matter much, what matters is the kind of infrastructure, the faculty which the school offers. If one has to survive the neck breaking competition one needs logistic support together with a faculty that gives the right kind of inputs. Just by making available the best raw material we cannot get the best end product.

We require the tools of precision to give the desired object a shape and a dedicated teacher is a catalyst who does this job. We at shah International School not only showcase our infrastructure but also use the same in the best possible way to get the optimum results which requires constant endeavour with sincerity and as a result thereof the benefits percolate to the students which is clearly pronounced in the academic and co-curricular activities and behavioral performance.

Judging a student just by his / her academic performance is a hot kosher. A student should be judged also from the prism of discipline, behavior in general and his outlook towards life. We try to imbibe human values in our students to be away from those pursuits which only serve their personal interests and are divorced from human considerations. It may sound too philosophical to interpret our views in this manner but few would disagree that if one is educated, it is expected of him more to have the virtue of compassion and regard for human values.