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Montessori Section

Our tiny tots, the fledgling ones, need special care. They want a foster mother in the school to make them feel at home: “A home away from home”. Without putting stress or burden on them, they are taught how to carry themselves confidently without any help. Even the Montessori students are a picture of confidence that oozes with fluid ease.

We don’t want our students to be captive of such snugness that would make them fall back upon worldly comforts. The continuous use of this would lead them to a level of addiction but at the same time, their unavoidable needs for little comforts are not ignored. So taking this into consideration, in the scorching heat and humid atmosphere, our tiny tots enjoy the luxury of a fully air- conditioned Nursery wing.

Our Nursery wing is a world of fantasy. We have an audio - visual room with state of the art visual gadgets – multi-media, LCD Projector and many more. No doubt, visuals have more impact on the young minds more than anything else.